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Winter is back! And ain’t it just gorgeous?! I just had to get a few photos of the “scenes” from my rear deck before we got out the snowblower or before the sun comes out and starts to melt snow off the tree branches.

This first photo is of my closest neighbor.


And, in this photo, can you see my garden shed tucked in there?


Here is one of my bird feeders (the one that the deer visit) and, beyond the feeder, is another close neighbor. 🙂 The feeder and my neighbor really are “in there” somewhere, I promise!


Finally, this shot is looking straight back. There’s an abandoned railroad bed in there, a really great “trail” to do some cross country skiing or snowshoeing.


I really hope that you did guess what intrigued me the most were the trees full of snow and the way in which they create little “nooks” that, to a big kid such as myself, would be fun to explore.

Thanks for letting me indulge in this childish fantasy of mine!

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