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My apologies if I sound a bit defensive here, but, whenever I mention to friends, relatives and neighbors that I prefer to trap (in Havahart® traps) and relocate mice (to places like a local park, NOT to another neighbors yard) as opposed to killing them with poisons, more often than not, what I get in return is a little smirk and, sometimes, even a little chuckle. Well, just yesterday, I read an article in Tufts Journal titled “Rescuing the Raptors by Jacqueline Mitchell” that, in my view at least, has finally validated my methods.

In part, the article was about the way in which hawks that dine on rodents that have consumed a commonly available over-the-counter poison (brodifacoum) can eventually die of that same poison! Apparently, this poison, an anticoagulant, “metabolizes slowly and accumulates in the liver, a raptor feeding on poisoned rodents can build up toxic levels over time.” Thus, while the rodent takes several days to die, the hawks can die an even slower death simply because they have not consumed the poison directly.

Okay, I admit, I knew nothing of this before reading the article! I also admit that I used to use those poisons but, after seeing a mouse convulsing on my cellar floor shortly after setting out trays of the poison, … well, that just “turned me off” from that method of ridding my home of the little critters. It was then that I turned to the Havahart® traps instead.

So, go ahead and smirk, go ahead an chuckle! I have been a bird lover for several decades and, I especially love raptors. And that I turned to “trapping and relocating” rodents just may have saved even one red-tailed hawk?! Well, I say that’s all the better.

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Apparently, the birds are far better gardeners than I. Take for example, my front yard ornamental crabapple tree. Granted, it is about 25 to 30 years old and in desperate need of some heavy pruning. The leaves have been getting smaller and the bark is very rough. Still, the berries have always been the “perfect” size for Robins, Cedar Waxwings, Squirrels, Raccoons, and even a Deer Mouse! I simply haven’t the heart to cut this tree down. My conscious even “struggles” with the thought of “heavy” pruning!

But, with much jealousy on my part, here is an image of the crabapple that the birds planted about 10 or 15 years ago. With no pruning, no fertilizing, the leaves are larger and healthier looking just as are the blossoms! (It has always been a larger sized fruit and I have no clue where the birds “acquired” the seed.)

What more can I say? 😕

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