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When I posted images of violets the last time, I felt that the flowers looked somewhat wilted and I have felt a bit “guilty” for not taking better images.

You see, the violets that I had photographed were out in full sun but violets really favor wetlands and shade. So, I decided, along with a fresh batch of new violet growth, … well, at least the white colored version, … to rephotograph a few samples and to post them here. To hit the refresh button, so to speak! And, for better identification, I’ve posted a front “mug” shot, profile view and even an image of a leaf. Here they are!

Now, I believe the last time, I identified these as Northern White Violets (Viola pallens), however, judging by the “deeper lobes [than the Northern White Violets] at base of leaves” and the “upper petals twisted” which will be clearer in the next image, my thought is that this is a Sweet White Violet (Viola blanda) instead (Northeastern Wildflowers by Roger Tory Peterson and Margaret McKenney, pages 24 and 25).

But, you know what? I made another “discovery” when photographing these tiny flowers! You know how I said that they favor shade rather than full sun? Well, apparently, when they grow in full sun, they get a bit “bleached” as well. Take a look here!

This first violet was growing in shade (and note the twisted upper petals too).

This violet was growing in full sun (it’s shaded by me). Look how little violet color is in the petals!

I thought this was kind of COOL! Don’t you?! 8)

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Today, aullori from Random Musings, posted some beautiful flowers in a piece she titled I’ve been so busy …. Among the images were two of a flower called a Pioneer Violet or Stream Violet (Viola glabella) that especially intrigued me simply because I’ve never seen a yellow colored violet before!

The violets that I’m most familiar with are, in fact, either “violet” in color or, at the very least, have “some” violet streaks of color in them. (I also must admit that, were it not for these violets, I wouldn’t have a “lawn!”) 😀

Okay, mine are a little worse for wear, too, cause it has been raining hard here for a couple of days now and, sorry, I can’t identify them for you either. If I’m “forced” to guess I’d say that the blue colored violet is a Common Blue Violet (Viola papilionacea) ; the white colored violet is maybe a Northern White Violet (Viola pallens)? At any rate, I just thought the comparison would be kind of interesting.

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