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As much as I hate to admit this, according to AARP, I am “officially” a senior citizen. But, I say they’re wrong! I’m really just a big kid and I can prove it. You see, whenever I go on walks, just like so many young kids, I “collect” things like stones, pine cones, insects, and so on. Really, just about anything will do!

Take, for example, this butterfly. It’s a yellow colored Tiger Swallowtail that I found alongside the road. Obviously, it was at one time part of someone’s front bumper. And, just like all the kings men, I doubt that I can put it back together but, no matter to me! I just had to bring it home anyway and add it to my collection!


Here’s another example though I’ve not yet identified this particular butterfly. Perhaps one of you can tell me what it is?



Truth be told, folks, I like to illustrate science (or natural history) subjects and, though I’ve had these butterflies for a couple of years now, I am making a few changes to my blog. One of which is to show some of my illustrations in progress.

Yes, yes, I know that plenty of artists and illustrators do so. In fact, I have provided links in my blogroll to some of those artists. Still, when I started this blog, nearly one year ago, it was my intention to show the nature of New England, especially along New England’s coast as well as my photographs and even some of my illustrations. I’m also quite passionate about conservation art and, much to my surprise, unless you are a hunter, many folks have no idea what conservation art is or how it benefits wildlife and wetlands preservation. Well, it’s time for me to return to my “original” intentions!

I’ve not come far yet (with this illustration), you’re getting in on this right from the start! I’m still in the information gathering stage as well as the planning stage. Thus far, I’m thinking of “drawing out” identifying features and I’m thinking of using watercolor in an airbrush (since I just love the airbrush) and watercolor pencils.

So, step one, I’ve taken my poor butterfly apart and laid it out. However, as you can see in the following images, I’m in desperate need of a body!



Know where I can get one? Well, actually, I’ve got a couple of ideas. One is from a photographer who, again, is linked to in my blogroll. In fact, he’s an expert on butterflies! Another idea is to visit The Museum of Comparative Zoology at Harvard University.

Hmm! A field trip! I could even make a day of it, … lunch, …! Stay tuned folks!

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