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It’s so darn cold and I’m so darn fat, I can’t see my feet!


I’m on no speaking terms with Janet!


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I cut this coleus back yesterday morning and look, folks! It’s already spreading its wings!


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Okay all of you fisherfolks, I need a little bit of help here. I’m told that this gadget (see photos) is a fishermen’s scale but, really, is it? And, if so, how on earth does it work?! I’m not even certain which direction to hold it (my mother agreed to “model” it here, holding it in a couple of ways) and, my assumption at least, is that it must be “attached to” or “hung from,” … well, … a scale?



As can be seen in the images, it is made of iron (or so I think it’s iron). It is roughly 21 inches long and, looking from left to right (in the second photo, for example) there are numbers on the bar, 10 to 1 on one side and 50 to 10 on the other side. I’m also told that the weight (which I thought was some kind of sinker) goes with this scale so, for modeling sake, we hung it on the bar.



So, what do ya think? Any help in identifying this doflidget would be much appreciated!

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The temperature may range between 20° and 30° to 35°F but, there will always be signs of summer!



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Winter is back! And ain’t it just gorgeous?! I just had to get a few photos of the “scenes” from my rear deck before we got out the snowblower or before the sun comes out and starts to melt snow off the tree branches.

This first photo is of my closest neighbor.


And, in this photo, can you see my garden shed tucked in there?


Here is one of my bird feeders (the one that the deer visit) and, beyond the feeder, is another close neighbor. 🙂 The feeder and my neighbor really are “in there” somewhere, I promise!


Finally, this shot is looking straight back. There’s an abandoned railroad bed in there, a really great “trail” to do some cross country skiing or snowshoeing.


I really hope that you did guess what intrigued me the most were the trees full of snow and the way in which they create little “nooks” that, to a big kid such as myself, would be fun to explore.

Thanks for letting me indulge in this childish fantasy of mine!

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While having a cup of tea and trying to work up the “enthusiasm” to fold some laundry, instead, I decided that I might as well count the coins we’ve collected. I must admit, I empty our “Vacation Fund” pot (a gift from a neighbor) quite vacationfund.jpg

frequently so there really wasn’t much chance of becoming rich. Still, to my mind at least, counting coins seemed far far more “fascinating” than folding laundry. However, I really didn’t plan on this project lasting the better part of the morning! You see, while I didn’t have enough dimes or nickels, I did have a dollar’s worth of pennies and nineteen dollars and seventy five cents worth of quarters.


ONE QUARTER! That’s all that I was missing! Well, being the determined sort that I am, and NOT looking forward to the laundry detail, I wound up turning the house upside down, emptying everyone’s wallet, even, much to my shame, raiding everyone’s “secret stash” but still no quarter! I did find, of course, 25 centavos Republica Dominicana and seriously considered using it. Hey, when you think about the value of our currency these days, for all I know, 25 centavos is probably worth more than 25 cents Americana!

I finally decided to look through my car and, much to my relief, I found the ONE QUARTER that I needed. SUCCESS!

Then again, I still have that load of laundry to fold …

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It’s about 7° or 8° F outdoors this evening. But really folks, who cares when you’ve got a nice fire to snuggle by!


Stay warm!

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