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Auction Fever

My apologies for such a long gap between entries but, I’ve been on a mission of sorts and, in the process, I seem to have come down with auction fever!

You see, I’ve been a birder since my youth and I’ve had a pair of really nice binoculars for almost as long as I’ve been a birder. Those binoculars have seen A LOT of use over the years so it’s no wonder that they finally decided to “give out.” I also love auctions but, knowing how addictive they are for me, I’ve managed to “steer clear” of eBay. That was, of course, until this past week. I’m sorry to admit that my desire to purchase another pair of binoculars has led me to “succumb” to the temptations of eBay!

I registered for a buyers account and have been hot on the trail of a really nice pair of Zeiss binoculars. My first three bids were all underbids but I persevered. My fourth bid warranted an email message informing me that I was now the high bidder. Thinking my bid “safe,” I decided to have lunch. THAT, I’m now convinced, was my mistake! For, when I rechecked my email, I learned that I had lost my coveted pair of binoculars for a mere $4.00!

Not to worry though, I’m now back on the trail and, once again, in hot pursuit of another pair of Zeiss binoculars. But, this time, I aim to WIN!

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