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Well of course not! Hey, I’m not quite that gullible. But, before I tell you about my mums, I’ve just got to tell you about another blogsite that I so enjoy perusing. It’s called Montana Outdoors (there’s another link to the site in my blogroll) and I must admit, I am so envious of this guy’s back yard! But then, who wouldn’t be? After all, this is Big Sky Country and if you love the outdoors, this has got to be one of the most gorgeous places on earth to hike, fish and photograph. And this blogger, who calls himself montucky, does it all! (Really, you’ve got to check out the last photo from his entry of September 17th titled “Rainbow.” I drool when I see it!)

Unfortunately for me, the closest I’ve come to Montana are some previous neighbors of mine who were from Bozeman as well as a “work” acquaintance, a photographer named Denver Bryan, also from Bozeman. (Isn’t that a cool name? I always did wonder if it was real though or if it was a pseudonym or something.) Small world as it is, those previous neighbors of mine were quite familiar with Denver Bryan too. But then, they did explain to me that Bozeman is a small town, a sort of artist’s community so, I suppose it would seem strange if they had not known him. Anyway, I’d love to see Bozeman sometime; I also know that Bozeman is a kind of “gateway” to Yellowstone National Park, another future destination for me.

At any rate, you’re probably wondering why I would bring up montucky’s blogsite here. Well, it’s because of an entry he made back on September 29th that just reminded me of my own experience of a similar kind to what he described. He titled the entry “Profile of an apple thief” and it’s about a young buck that just happens to know where all of the apples are located, whether that’s on his property or just in the surrounding area I’m not really sure. But it is the last lines that sound most familiar to me. Montucky wrote that this young buck is in really big trouble with his wife because he’s eaten her favorite flowers!

Okay, now back to my mums. You see, there’s a bunch of white tailed deer that “hang out” quite often at the top of the hill in Topsfield’s Pine Grove Cemetery and, you’ve probably guessed it, they just love to munch on the flowers that folks plant in front of their loved ones’ gravestones. But, sometimes, it seems like they have a particular affinity for the flowers that I plant!

Here’s what they looked like before I planted them …



And here’s what they looked like about a week after I planted them …



It’s kind of funny how they seem to have favored the yellow mums and pretty much left the reddish colored mums alone! (Actually, deer are color blind and, though I’m not 100% certain of this, I believe the fact that they did leave the reddish colored mums alone is probably because they simply don’t see them.)

Ah well! I know that my (maternal) grandparents just loved nature and they would have gotten a real charge out of seeing deer up close and personal like that. Of course, my grandfather was a real tease and he’d be getting the biggest charge out of this! Still, seeing the smiles on their faces, … well, … I guess I’ll just smile and enjoy it too! -)



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