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post16-6.jpgBut, really, not before I was, … well, … almost finished with the new one! Still, before I show you the finished product, I’d like to show you “the work in (more…)

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My dear old dad, that is! You see, while trying to install this little clip (I placed a dime in the image as a reference for its size) into a slot at the end of a horn rod in a 1930 Ford Model A, apparently, it slipped out of my father’s hands and “flung” …

blogclip.jpg   somewhere in here!

bloggarage1.jpg   Then again, maybe it was in here!


Sure, accidents happen, but then he asked my mom and me if we’d help him look for it in all of this! He just couldn’t be serious!

Perhaps it was the look of shock in our faces, but, before either my mother or I could utter a word, he suddenly remembered that he had purchased a spare some time ago and, amazingly I might add, found it in our cellar! (The top image is of the spare clip.)

Now, I must admit that it would ultimately take three sets of hands and about two hours of time, but, we finally succeeded in getting that little son-of-a-gun of a clip into the slot where it belonged!

Then, FINALLY, after all that, wouldn’t you know it, … right there, … on top of that drab green colored engine block (barely visible in the image), … would sit the original clip just as if it had been placed there on purpose!


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