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The building in this first photo used to be a train station. In fact, you can still board/disembark from the train here, it’s just that with todays economics and “streamlining,” you must purchase your ticket on board the train and I’m not certain whether or not there’s a schedule posted here. But now the building is occupied by Prides Crossing Confections … yes! yes! I have an incredible sweet tooth! I especially love their chocolate turtles … especially the ones made of milk chocolate, caramel and almonds! πŸ˜€

Pride’s Crossing Confections, Pride’s Crossing, MA

Okay! Enough about my sweet tooth. What’s important here is the political statement being made right in front of the station plain as day!

See the two benches in front of this former train station? Do you see that there’s something written on them? Here’s a closer look.

That’s politics New England style folks! πŸ˜† I love it!

Notice, though, that no difference other than the label is made between the two benches! I took closer views so that you can see the boards are the same, the paint is peeling the same, and, I’ll even bet the splinters are the same!

So … I ask you, is this partisan politics or is it bi-partisan politics? 😐

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