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The other day, we had thunderstorms that brought much needed rain. However, those rains came in the form of torrential rains and all I could think about was the moccasin flower or lady slipper that I had promised to photograph when it had fully blossomed. I worried mostly because, for reasons beyond my comprehension, this lady slipper has been the only sample that I’ve been able to find this year. And, believe me folks, I’ve been looking!

But, I needn’t have worried. Much to my surprise and delight, it was still standing and by the next morning, the slipper looked better than it has during the days preceding the thunderstorms!

So, … for those of you waiting to see a lady slipper that now fits (in full bloom), here it is!

So, does it look like a pair of lady slippers to you? Personally, were it not for the pink color, I like the name moccasin flower better!

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Too early! Just a day or two more and this pink Moccasin Flower or Lady Slipper will be in all its glory!

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I can’t tell you the number of years that I’ve wanted to attend the New England Flower Show. Of course, I do recall that I’ve admitted at least once before that I am a procrastinator extraordinaire. But this year folks, I FINALLY GOT THERE!

Then again, maybe my “subconscious” just knew that there really wasn’t any rush (and if you believe that one …). This was, after all, the 137th New England Flower Show, making it “the longest continuously running” show in the world. And, with “38 gardens and 192 floral arrangements,” this is also the “third largest flower show in the world.” (Massachusetts Horticultural Society)

Trust me, my feet could attest to the size of this event! Still, I did not manage to see the whole thing. For example, there were “222 retail vendors [and] live music performances” plus “lectures, demonstrations, and competitions.” I did get plenty of photos though! But I promise, I won’t make you look at every single one of them! 😀

But where to begin?!

How about with this landscape garden near the entrance to the show and a fitting place to be I might add. Did you know that the pineapple is a symbol of welcome?


Do you like orchids?



Then again, perhaps you like “traditional” outdoor flowers like flowering quince, azaleas or peonies.




There were numerous water gardens.


And even a couple of “non-flowers!”


Finally (and proudly), I just have to show you my hometown’s entry.



Had enough?! I thought you might so I’m putting the rest into a slideshow (that is, if I can remember my password) for your viewing pleasure.

[rockyou id=106145651]

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